Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh no, I haven't posted in ages! I have a big backlog of posts to stick up here, so hopefully I'll get them up over the next few days. I've been busy enjoying the summer, lots of parties and it's been good fun. 
I've got my interview for the makeup course I want to do in September coming up so I'm trying to get some looks together to bring a little mini portfolio into the interview. I'll be posting them up and trying to get some inspiration too, if anyone knows of any blogs with kind of 'out-there' makeup that I could get some ideas off that would be great. I want to try to get out of my comfort zone but I'm drawing a blank right now. 

I have a few pictures of the last few weeks to share, and then I'll get onto the beauty stuff. 

The Dinosaur cake, buns and animal shaped biscuits I baked for my friend's 21st, I didn't get to taste the cake but the rest of it was lovely. I made the pizza with this pizza base recipe from Budget Bytes and it was seriously the easiest recipe and the nicest pizza I've ever had.

Jello shots, Zombie Walk, Cars from a Classic car show

Double Vodka Red Bulls, Dancing in the Club, pictures from a massive beach party.

So yeah, it's been a fun few weeks. I'll catch up on FOTD's next.

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