Thursday, August 26, 2010

Penneys this Autumn

I find shopping in Penneys (Primark for you UK folk) is a lot like shopping in a charity shop. 99% of the clothes are awful but what's left are total bargains. My biggest gripe with them though is that they change their stock around so often that you don't have time to consider your purchases, if you like something you have to buy it straight away or it will probably be gone when you get back. 

A lot of the clothes in my wardrobe are from Penney's because I really can't afford to spend much on clothes. I'm a student and I only work one or two nights a week. I stumbled upon pictures of their Autumn collection today and I'm fairly impressed! 
I definitely need this jumper in my wardrobe. The jeans look nice too but I find Penneys jeans don't fit me right.

There were a few more bits and pieces I liked too, the black aviator jacket looked nice although I'd have to see it in person to make sure it wasn't too plastic looking.


  1. I do know Primark, so I could imagine such a great things they have in Penney :)

  2. If you ever come to Ireland you should definitely go for a look around Penneys. It's pretty much the same as Primark except the stock tends to be different and I think it's one of the only shops that's actually cheaper here than it is in the UK