Monday, August 23, 2010

Lacura Falsies

This week Aldi have false lashes on offer, I bought some yesterday and I'm going to write a little review. 

But before that let me tell you about a blog I've found with a fairly great giveaway going on. Lora Does Makeup is having a giveaway to celebrate getting 50 followers. There's some great stuff in the giveaway- lashes, nail polish, mascara and more- so check it out here and enter it before tomorrow.

Now onto the Aldi lashes.
They have 6 different styles for €2.99 each. Some of the styles are lovely and full, the others are a bit rubbish looking. I bought the two which I thought looked best

The lashes themselves are lovely, I don't often wear falsies but these are the nicest cheap ones I've seen. The only problem with them is the glue. If you buy these, take the glue and chuck it straight in the bin. I know the glue that comes with lashes is usually not great, but this was awful! Firstly the tubes are tiny, so even if it had been any good there was barely enough to apply one lash, never mind two. One of the tubes I got was dried up, so it wouldn't come out of the tube. The other was still liquid, but just barely. 
I'm going to buy some decent lash glue tomorrow so I'll update with pictures of the lashes when they're applied. Can anyone reccemmend me a good but not too pricey lash glue?

These lashes are €2.99 a set in Aldi, available until stocks last.


  1. Waouuuuuuuuuu we have an Aldi in France, but I don't know if they are selling falses :/
    thx for this artcile :)

  2. I don't think all the countries have the same offers on each week, but keep an eye out because I'm sure they'll get them in eventually.