Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FOTD Catchup

I've got a good few to put in here, so I'll just run through them quickly. 

Zombie Makeup! We went to a zombie walk and it was great craic! It was so funny seeing everyone dancing in the club after still in full zombie makeup. It looked really cool when I was pulling it off. 
I used: Liquid Latex, tissue, MAC Paints (Flammable and the black one), red, black and blue Lipstick, red powder eyeshadow, white greasepaint, MAC Electric Eel e/s (for the green skin tinge) and MAC Carbon e/s with MAC Myth lipstick on my lips.

A NOTD, I've forgotten what colour this is and it's bothering me because I really liked it. I'll have to have a hunt around and see if I can figure it out. 

Green and Yellow look.
I used: 
Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation
17 Translucent Loose Powder
MAC Hipness blush
Bourjois highlighter

Ruby & Millie gold cream e/s
Fyrinnae OMGWTF e/s
Fyr We're All Mad Here e/s
Fyr Dragon Wing e/s
Fyr Aztec Gold e/s
Fyr Chlorophyll e/s
UD 1999 24/7 liner
MAC Sweet Chestnut e/s
Maybelline The Collossal mascara

I don't really know how I feel about the next look, I felt it was a little over the top so I swapped the lipstick for a nude one before I went out. Maybe it was just because I filled in my eyebrows which I don't normally do, I feel it looks a little too dramatic.

Face makeup is the usual

 MAC Graphito paint
Fyr Sluagh e/s
Fyr Newcastle e/s
GOSH Purple Stain liner
Fyr Wicked e/s
(there's probably a few other Fyrinnae eyeshadows in there too, but I've forgotten them)
UD Zero 24/7 liner
UD Spandex Heavy Metal Liner
Maybelline The Colossal mascara
Essence brown liner (brows)
MAC Shore Leave e/s

17 Power Pink lipstick
Fyr Vinyl Shorts lip lustre

 Weird face time!

This look photographed horrendously, so I wont go into much details. It's basically Grape pigment and Sweet Chestnut over Graphito. It was lovely in person though, I'm annoyed I didn't get decent photos.

And that's all folks! I have a 17 nail swatch and review post coming up soon, I might have it done by today if I have the time.

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