Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Did everyone have a good Halloween? I had a great one. 
I was working on Friday and Saturday night and I saw some great costumes at work; a digger with a working arm, a bedside dresser complete with socks, an alarm clock and a lamp, lego blocks, an in the box Barbie and a myriad of zombies. 

Thankfully there didn't seem to be as many 'sexy' costumes about this year (you know, 'sexy nurse', 'sexy firewoman', 'sexy chinese takeout' and all that ridiculousness) and there were an awful lot of original, well thought out costumes. 

I went as Space on Saturday to work and as Lady Gaga to go out on Sunday. My Gaga costume was very last minute so it wasn't fantastic (a lot of people thought I was meant to be David Bowie) but it was a fun costume to put togethere. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my outfits but I got a few of my makeup. 

I wore this with my Black Milk Galaxy leggings, a pair of metallic green Topshop hot pants, silver Dr Martens and an oversized black Topshop jumper with stars and moons. 

Kryolan White Aquacolour
MAC Grape Pigment (cheeks)
MAC Hipness Blush
Kryolan Gold Aquacolour (highlight)


Kryolan Yellow, Gold, Orange, Red, Blue, Turquoise and Purple Aquacolours
MAC Chrome Yellow e/s

Natural Collection Apple Blossom lipstick
This was my original plan of what makeup to do, but I changed it around. You see I wanted to get the yellows and oranges in there to represent the sun, as well as the darker colours for space. Since I had to work I didn't want to do this lip, as I wouldn't have had time for touch ups and it would have looked crap quickly, so I had to incorporate the dark colours into my eye makeup instead. It's a pity because I really liked this lip. 

Yes the orange brows look weird, I was just trying some stuff out really quickly.

Lady Gaga
With this I wore my Black Milk leggings again and the same hotpants. I also wore pink Dr Martens, a printed dress (top? It was kind of inbeween) with sheer sleeves and my leather jacket. 
In my hair I used Claire's Accessories Blond hairspray which I don't reccommend, it was more gold than blonde and there wasn't enough in the can to cover my whole head. I put my hair in a fauxhawk which was surprisingly easy and I might do a tutorial on it and used TIGI Rockaholic hairspray to hold it up. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
Kryolan White Aquacolour
MAC MSFN Medium (contour)
MAC Hipness blush
Bourjois Rose D'or blush
Bourjois Highlight Powder

Kryolan Pink Aquacolour (lid)
Pixie Epoxy 
Barry M DD85 Neon Pink (lid)
GOSH Rosewood Effect Powder (crease and outer lid)
Kryolan Turquoise Aquacolour (bottom lasline)
MAC Aquadisiac (inner bottom lashline) and Electric Eel (outer bottom lashline)
UD Yeyo 24/7 liner (inner eye highlight) 
MAC Nanogold e/s (over Yeyo)
MAC Orb and Shore Leave (browbone highlight)
MAC Spiced Chocolate e/s (brows)
Kryolan Orange and Red Aquacolours (lightning bolt)
Aldi Lacura falsies
Essence Multi Action Mascara
In my hair I wore this 50c flower hairband from Penneys

Revlon Black Cherry lipstick

And I wore this studded hairband (2 for 50c, also from Penneys) and the same cardboard stars I wore for my space costume.
Did anyone see any good costumes on Halloween?