Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kryolan Aquacolour Review and Swatches

You might have noticed in my Halloween post I used Kryolan Aquacolours. I bought this palette last week after eyeing it up for a while. I figured I couldn't let Halloween go past without buying it and I needed most of the colours in it anyway so I decided to go for it instead of buying individual facepaints. 

I'm really impressed by it. The colours are mega pigmented, smooth and creamy and just glide on. It was a little tricky at the start getting the water to facepaint ratio right but once I got the hang of it it was easy. 

The paints all come in individual pots with covers. The covers are nice because they stop accidental colour mixing. Also the pots detach from the palette so I assume you could swap them around with other palettes if you like.
The colour selection is great. By mixing colours you could make nearly any colour you want from this. Here's some swatches. 

The black isn't really glittery, I must have gotten some gold mixed in.

I think the gold is my favourite, it's so metallic and shiny. 

Good colour selection
Versatile. They can be used as facepaints, eyeshadow bases, blush, lipstick... anywhere really. 
Great colour payoff
They come in a sturdy metal box. None of that cardboard rubbish that disintigrates. 
Can be applied sheer or very opaque depending on how much water you use.
There's plenty of choice, you can get 6, 12 or 24 colour palettes or buy the colours individually. 
Very good value, this palette was only €25 for 12 colours, which is just over €2 per colour. 
They smell amazing! A little like baby powder. 
They don't budge. I wore these to work on Saturday night for an 8 hour shift in a hot sweaty pub and I had no creasing, no smudging or fading. 

The pink and blue stained my eyes slightly. That being said my eyemakeup remover is fairly rubbish, so I'm sure a decent one would remove them entirely. 
If you dislike dramatic makeup these are probably not for you. 
Kryolan products can be difficult to find. I stumbled upon these at a local chemist, they were in a Special Effects makeup section. 

 Overall I really reccomend Aquacolours. I can see mine getting loads of use, especially as eyeshadow bases. Looking at the different palettes I think this one might be the best to begin with, as it has all the basic colours. I'd go with the palettes over the individual colours as you get a nice selection and they're all kept together so if you tend to lose things like I do you'll be less likely to misplace them. 

I bought my palette from O'Beirns Pharmacy in Galway for €24.99. If you'd like to buy them online check out Shrinkle's Ebay shop

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