Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Essence Multi Action Mascara Quick Review

I'm not sure if I have weird lashes or bad luck with mascara but I've never found one that's wowed me. I've tried all the ones people rave about; Diorshow, Bad Gal, Masterpiece Max, The Colossal... the list goes on. The best one I've used yet is Bourjois Volume Glamour but it's very messy to apply. The worst I've used is probably Bourjois 1001 lashes. 

This Essence mascara promised a false lash effect, which it does not deliver. Ok for €3 I wasn't expecting too much, but I've seen so many people rave about it on blogs.

It's an ok mascara. It has a regular, tapered brush and it makes me lashes look slighly longer and thicker. Like most cheap mascaras it smells awful. It's a very dry mascara which is good in that it won't make a mess, but bad in that it doesn't hold a curl. 

One very strange thing I found about this mascara is that it disappears. Have you ever fallen asleep in your mascara? Or forgotten you were wearing it and rubbed your eye? You know how it smudges all over the place and looks like crap? That doesn't happen with this. One night I fell asleep with it on and when I woke up the next morning I had none of those tell tale smudges. Thinking it maybe just had very good staying power I broke out the eye makeup remover and cleaned my lashes, but there was no mascara on them. It was very weird. 

Here's a before and after picture (excuse the smudges under my eyes, I didn't take my eyeliner off properly. 

You can see that it makes my lashes look a little longer and thicker, but it's not working any miracles. I would rebuy this for a festival or something where I wanted a cheap and cheerful mascara that I wouldn't care about losing but otherwise I won't be repurchasing. 

This costs €2.99 from Essence. 

Any suggestions of mascaras for me to try next?

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