Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Essence 'Clear and Matt' Review

Firstly today I want to talk about a foundation. I usually use Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect which I ran out of a few weeks ago. Being a little low on funds I decided to try an Essence foundation. I first swatched the 'Stay All Day' foundation because it came in the same bottle as my Bourjois one and I thought they might be similar. Unfortunately the lightest shade was way to dark for me. I actually meant to buy the 'Soft & Natural' one but somehow ended up with 'Clear & Matt'. 

My first impression of Clear & Matt was that it smelled disgusting, kind of plasticy. The packaging is rubbish, the lid comes loose quite easily so it could be a disaster if you like to keep your foundation in your bag. When I swatched the foundation it looked far too dark on my hand but once I put it on my face and blended it out it looked fine. It did take a lot of blending though to get rid of the tidemarks, my usual Bourjois foundation on the other hand, needs only light blending in and never gives me tidemarks. 

Even though the foundation looks fine when I apply it, as the day wears on I find it turns more orange somehow. It feels horrible on my skin, really drying and it's made my chin breakout. I never, ever get spots so a foundation that causes them is bad! 

I usually like Essence but this product gets a definite thumbs down from me.

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