Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fyrinnae Lip Lustres Review & Swatches

 (L-R: Ryunome; unknown; Type A; Hair Dye; unknown; Hearts & Stars) I'll update with names tomorrow, the Fyrinnae site is down and the names have rubbed of f the black and silver ones.

I bought these products quite some time ago, I'd say it's been close enough to a year. I don't use them as often as I should, I actually totally forgot I had them for quite a while. Lip Lustres are quite a good product though, see after the cut for more.

My only problem with Lip Lustres is that they're very fiddly to apply. Because they're quite sheer it can be hard to get even coverage without the lustre feathering or settling into the creases in your lips. I also find they end up on my teeth a lot, but that's fixable.
What I like about the product is the wide range of colours available and the fact that they're not sticky like gloss or drying like lipstick, they strike a happy medium. They also smell and taste quite nice, although the taste off some of them is a little overpowering.
My favourite way to wear them is mixed with lipstick as it makes them last longer and their formulation makes them ideal for mixing. The black and blue ones look great mixed with fuschia lipstick, I'll take a picture next time I wear them to show you what I mean.

Hearts & Stars:

This colour is the most natural looking and easy to wear of the colours. The formulation is nicer than the rest, it's creamy and easy to build up even colour. Although it suits me it's not the most exciting colour ever but it's a nice neutral colour for everyday. I reccommend this one if you want to try out the lip lustres but aren't sure about the more crazy colours.

Hair Dye:

As you can tell from the photo this one doesn't apply well. It's very patchy and difficult to get even colour. The orange colour is also fairly unflattering if you have less that pearly teeth. I wouldn't wear this colour alone but it's nice over lipstick. It adds a bit of flash to nudes.

Type A:

This colour is really nice, it's a rich deep red, quite similar to MAC's Squeeze it lipglass which came out with the Fafi collection and it one of very few MAC lipglosses I like. It's flattering on most skintones and applies quite easily. Type A is lovely worn alone or too deepen up a red lipstick and add shine without stickiness. I reccommend it!


 This is a really unique colour but very difficult to wear and unfortunately like Hair Dye is applies very patchily. I wouldn't reccommend it unless you can pull off blue lipstick. It is nice to wear mixed with a pink lipstick though, it makes a nice purple.

Silver (check back for the name):

I don't think I've ever worn this colour, it just doesn't suit me, it makes my skin look very dull. It's very difficult to apply, it's patchy and bleeds out into the fine lines around your mouth. My least favourite of the colours and the only one I regret buying.

Black (will be updated with name):
 This is actually a very dark purple I think, rather than a pure black. It has purple shimmer which makes it more wearable than a matte black. Applying it is a little tricky but it looks really nice on and has quite good staying power. The middle bit where my lips meet always needs regular touch ups but the rest stays on for a long time. I definitely reccommend this colour if you're after a wearable black. Remember that if it's too dark you can always mix it with a lighter purple lipstick to make it more wearable.

That's it for now although I do plan to make another Lip Lustre purchase soon, I want some of the duochrome ones. Once I get them I'll post up more reviews and swatches.

So has anyone else tried this product? What did you think and what colours would you reccommend I purchase next?

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