Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Body Shop Monoi Oil Review

So yesterday I told you I had the Body Shop Monoi oil sitting in my hair and today I plan on reviewing it. See after the cut for more.

I have dry skin and a very dry scalp. Unforunately this results in a flaky scalp which cannot be gotten rid of with anti-dandruff shampoos like Head and Shoulders as they just dry my skin out further. So when ever my scalp gets particularly dry I apply an oil treatment to moisturise it. This has the added benefit of conditioning my hair and moisturing my face as some of the oil will always transfer to my face.

 I usually use coconut oil on my scalp, usually this one from the body shop which is a solid and needs to be heated before use. I just pop it on top of the stove for a few minutes until it becomes a bit liquid, rub in into my scalp (or well, get my mum to rub it into my scalp) and leave it in for anything from an hour to overnight. The longer it's left in the better although it makes my hair look very greasy so I can't leave the house while it's in. The coconut oil smells nice and works well although I'm always on the lookout for a better product.

I also sometimes use this Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt. It's very pricey but my mum buys it for her skin and I sometimes use it for my scalp. It smells gorgeous! Like the coconut oil this one is solid. It's easier to melt though, you just pop the bottle into a glass of warm water and wait a few minutes. It works as well if not better than the coconut and smells much nicer. The smell lingers on your hair after you wash it out which is nice, it also makes all your hair very conditioned. 

This brings me on to the latest oil I've tried, the Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil from the Body Shop. My sister bought this and I borrowed it to use yesterday because my scalp was very dry. It's a much better price than the Elemis oil and just as nice. It smells divine and like the Elemis one the smell lingers after it's washed out. It's a liquid so it's much easier to apply than the other two. After washing it out today my scalp was flake free, my hair soft and shiny and my face was glowing from where the oil had transferred from my hair to my face. My skin and hair are in great condition after using this product and I will definitely be purchasing it. 

So do any of you suffer from a dry scalp? Do you use any oils on your hair or skin?


  1. I have dry skin and I'm using natural shea butter :)
    I also use argan oil, but really if you have dry skin the best o the best is the natural shea butter.
    I bought it on the exotic market for only 1£.
    The smell is special not the same as you find in body shop ^^, but it's really working , believe me ;)

  2. I must try shea butter, I sometimes use cocoa butter but I find it a little greasy. Argan oil is great but it's hard to find here and fairly expensive, I might try to order some online or something.