Monday, May 31, 2010

Upcoming Reviews

So I have a few new products which I must find time to review and there'll be lots more where these are coming from because I've finally found a job! I'm working weekends collecting glasses in a pub and while it's not the most fun way I can think of spending my Saturday nights it's not bad at all especially now I'm getting used to it. Having a job means I'll be able to buy all those products I've been lusting over for the last year or two! First up I want to make a Fyrinnae order, I need to try out their Pixie Epoxy after reading so many rave reviews and they've got some new eyeshadows and lip lustres which I want to get. Next I want to order some OCC lip tars, again because everyone is raving about them and because they come in such nice and unusual colours. There's a few other brands I want to try out over the next few months too- Sleek; Shiro, I love the Pokémon theme; Sugarpill; Aromaleigh; Illamasqua and and I'm sure there's more I've forgotten.

I'll soon have a review on Body Shop Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil.

It's currently sitting in my hair waiting to be washed out in the morning. So far I can tell you that it smells amazing and I'll see in the morning if it's made a difference to my hair.

I bought some Boots 17 products recently which I'm planning on reviewing, I was impressed with them especially since they were so cheap. I also have some nail polishes due for a review. Coming up next though will be a piece on Fyrinnae lip lustres.

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