Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Songs you couldn't live without

Inspired by this post on MSN (no, I'm not some weirdo who spends their free time reading everything on MSN, it's my homepage and the interesting articles show up on the front page), I got to thinking abotu what songs I couldn't live without. This is basically a 'favourite songs of all time' post under a new guise, but what the heck, I'll do it!.

As a starting point, let's take my top played song on LastFM, which is BabyshamblesLa Belle et la BĂȘte. This is definitely one of my 'can't live without it' songs. It's one of the only songs that I loved the first time I heard it- it usually takes me a few listens- and it's one of the few that I can listen to over and over again without getting sick of it. It's got some great memories attached to it, memories of some old friends of mine, memories of the summer of 2007, eating chips down the Arch after going swimming at the beach, of sharing naggins of vodka around in the park when we were 16 and smoking one cigarette between three of us and hoping our mothers wouldn't find out. Nicole had this song on her phone and our soundtrack to that summer was this song, BabyshamblesFuck Forever, KlaxonsGolden Skans, Hadouken!That Boy That Girl, and anything by Cansei de Ser Sexy. In fact, I love this song so much that I'm considering getting the French Dog off the cover of Down in Albion tattooed onto my right hip.

Look out for future posts in which I'll continue this topic.

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