Friday, March 6, 2009

it's been a while

lots has happened though.

I got a fringe. wow, excting! be excited, yeah

it snowed a bit yesterday, which was a bit crazy for march.

^ a not very clear photo of the snow from my bedroom window

it was only a bit of snow and it didn't stick but it never snows here, so even a tiny bit is exciting.

my little brother turned 12 yesterday. mum made him chocolate cake.

I cooked some carrot and sweet potato soup for lunch

don't you just love giant cups/bowls with handles. also, new hair!

I basically did nothing yesterday though, except lounged about and went to the supermarket for yoghurt. didn't even go into uni. yes yes yes, I'm an awful person.

I had some yummy lamb and rosemary stew for dinner though, which mummy made.

ooh, I did do something yesterday, I went to the library to pick up a book. no. 6 in Stephan King's
dark tower series - Song of Susannah. I haven't read much of it yet but it seems pretty good so far.

I wore my silver docs, a black topshop vest top, black vero moda skirt, black topshop leggings, studded river island belt and a leopard print cardi from a-wear.

today wasn't much more exciting. i went to uni for a while, to an english tutorial and a lecture. fun stuff. I couldn't make out what was going on in the lecture and the guy sitting in front of me was on google earth on his laptop and reading cyanide and happiness so I just looked over his shoulder rather than listen to the lecture.

i wore make up today for the first time in ages. no clear pictures of it though. just the green and brown eyeshadows from the MAC warm pallette from their Colour Forms 08 collection with diorshow and my usual face makeup and 17 balmy beige on my lips.

clothes-wise i wore these new trousers which i got in topshop in dublin at the weekend for €15, reduced from €53. with my silver docs, green topshop top and grey cardi borrowed from my mum. along with the brown leather bag on my bed, which i wear pretty much everyday

x. Sorcha

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