Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Essence - Glisten Up

I really like Essence, for such a cheap brand they have some really good quality products. Their Nail Polish selection is great, loads of colours and most of them are only €1.29. 

My most recent purchase from them was their Colour & Go Polish in 'Glisten Up'. It's a sky blue colour with silver glitter and flakes of turquoise glitter. In the bottle it looks beautiful, but unfortunately on the nails it comes out super sheer. The pictures here are of me wearing around 5 coats of it, and it's still quite sheer. 

Because I had to apply so many layers this took ages to dry. It has worn very well though, I've had it on for three days now, with no tip coat and there's no chips. It looks like there is tip wear in the photos but there isn't, it's just very sheer at the tips. 

I reckon this would work really well over a more opaque polish, maybe a dark blue or silver, so that's what I'll be trying next with it. Also I'd love to try it under Crackle polish but I can't, as my Barry M one has totally dried up. Has that happened to anyone else? It's happened to a friend of mine too, and I don't know if we just got a dodgy batch or it it happens frequently. 

I bought this polish in Penneys for €1.29. It's also available in Dunnes and many Pharmacies. 

Has anyone else tried this polish? What are your thoughts? 

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