Thursday, July 8, 2010

17 Review and Swatches

I love expensive brands like MAC and Urban Decay but being a student who only works at weekends I can't afford them very often. So I'm always on the look out for cheaper brands that are as good as the expensive ones. One of my favourite cheap brands is 17, sold in Boots. Their products seems to always be under €10 and  a lot of them are €5 or less. 

They have a great range of eyeshadows which when used over a decent primer (I use Urban Decay Primer Potion) have good colour payoff and last a long time without creasing.Yeah Baby, Ivy Leaf and the dark blue from the Moody Blues Trio are my favourites.

(L-R: Green Glimmer, Mardi Gras, Punky Purple, Ivy Leaf, Yeah Baby, Walnut Pearl, Spirit)

(Moody Blues Trio, Green Glimmer)

The blush range is not as extensive as the eyeshadows but their blushers are very nice. I wore Plum Puff exclusively for years. It was my go-to blush until I found MAC's Hipness blush. 
(Plum Puff, China Pink)

I discovered their lipstick more recently and I'm very impressed. I originally bought Pink Power for a fancy dress party but after realising how nice it looks and long lasting it is it has become one of my favourites. 

(Clockwise from right: Terracotta Spice, Balmy Beige, Pink Power, Boogie Woogie gloss)

I also use 17 Translucent Face powder which Im happy with although I dont like their pressed power. I also don't like their mascaras, they do nothing for me. I have only one complaint with the brand and that is that it's pressed products are a little delicate. I've broken quite a few of them by having them knocking about in my bag or dropping them. 

Check out 17 if you never have before. I'll have a post coming up about their nail varnishes soon too. 

Has anyone got any other good cheap brands for me to check out?

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