Tuesday, July 28, 2009

part two

Oil slick and Kiddie Pool come next. Oil slick is a slightly shimmery black, it's one of the best black eyeshadows I've tried. Kiddie Pool isn't really my kind of colour but it's pretty and it does get a little use.

Then on to Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, my favourite UD eyeshadow (I like it so much I have three) and Flash, a bright purple similar to MAC's Parfair Amour. These two look great together!

And there we go!

Coming up next: Fyrinnae Swatches, keep an eye out for them!

x Sorcha


Next up we have the Sustainable Shadow Palette. It's full of Urban Deacy yummyness and all packed up in a pretty cool box. It also comes with... UDPP!!

Mmm, look at that UD goodness.

Also the eyeshadows are pretty near to being the size of full single UD shadows, which makes this palette very good value. I think the single e/s are 0.5g and these are 0.3g.

As usual, click the photos to see them bigger.

So on to the swatches, right?

Starting off with YDK and Flipside. YDK is gorgeous, a very wearable golden-brown. It's golden, but not too warm toned so it should suit most people. Flipside is maybe a little more tricky. It looks great as an eyeliner on the bottom lid with something a bit more neutral on top.

Grifter and UZI next. UZI is a glitterbomb, but if you can see round that it's a great colour. Grifter is nice, but not all that wearable for me. It would probably suit someone with less yellow-toned skin.

Twice baked, a warm gold, and half baked, a rich chocolate. No wait, the other way around.

Things are getting a little cramped in here, so the rest is going in a new post

does this mean that im not alone?

Yeah yeah yeah, Calvin Harris is still occupying a large bit of my brain. Or his music is anyway, it'd be a bit scary if he was actually in my brain, you know? Cause I'd probably be dead or something. It wouldn't be cool.

But enough of that!
While browsing my photobucket account I found some swatches I did a few weeks ago and forgot to share with ye.

Let's start off with a bit of Urban Decay, shall we?

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils. These things are amazing. Seriously. If you've not tried then yet (what rock have you been living under?) you need to. Like now. They go on smoothly and evenly and once these suckers dry, they're not budging for no one. I can't reccommend them highly enough, especially Bourbon and 1999.

Included on top are a couple of Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Liners, which also rock! Mullet is my favourite, because it works with anything but they're all pretty rad. Top row is a few coats applied on top of each other, bottom is just one swish of the wand.

Swatched over no base. On (obviously) quite pale skin, I'm a 71 in Bourjois foundation and Illusion in UD, maybe an NC 15 in MAC?

Top, l-r:
Spandex Glitter Liner; Mullet Glitter Liner; Midnight Cowboy Glitter Liner

Bottom, l-r:
24/7 liners
Yeyo; 1999; Bourbon; Stash; Dime; Honey; Zero

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i wish i could say no regrets

Ok, I know I fail at life and I promised to keep this blog updated and everything but... I've been having a pretty mad summer.

Drunken nights
Parties on rooftops
Dancing around the streets
Nights I really don't remember
Nights I wish I didn't remember
Stolen bottles of wine
Pots of tea
Squeezing 4 people into my bed
Waking up with Pearl beside me way to often
Black Books and Father Ted quotes, we're actually pretty pathetic.

Add all this to the fact that my camera is gone AWOL and really, it's not conducive to good blogging!

Follow my Twitter for updates for now and I swear I'll be back. Once I get a working camera again. I might update with some of my Oxegen ramblings inbetween.

I'll leave you with some fairly kick-ass youtube videos to tide you over.

White Lies- Death. Check out the To Lose My Life 4 Play video, it's a mix of a few of their songs with some added bits and it's amazing. Won't let me embed it though,

Example - Me and Mandy. I've liked this song for ages but I forgot about it and just found it again the other day. The video is pretty cool.

Florence and The Machine covering Beyonce's Halo. I know a lot of people don't like this cover and say the song isn't suited to her voice but I like it a lot.

La Roux covering White Lies - Farewell to The Fairground. I'm really undecided about this one, I like La Roux but I'm really not sure that she improves on the original at all. Opinions? It really bugs me that the video is out of sync with the audio.

Now this one is a much better cover/collab/whatever. Give it a go.

And finally

Pendulum remixing/kinda covering Calvin Harris - I'm not Alone. Saw this at Oxegen and it was possibly the best song of the weekend. This video doesn't come close to how amazing it is live, the energy during it was amazing.

-Sorcha x