Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Next up we have the Sustainable Shadow Palette. It's full of Urban Deacy yummyness and all packed up in a pretty cool box. It also comes with... UDPP!!

Mmm, look at that UD goodness.

Also the eyeshadows are pretty near to being the size of full single UD shadows, which makes this palette very good value. I think the single e/s are 0.5g and these are 0.3g.

As usual, click the photos to see them bigger.

So on to the swatches, right?

Starting off with YDK and Flipside. YDK is gorgeous, a very wearable golden-brown. It's golden, but not too warm toned so it should suit most people. Flipside is maybe a little more tricky. It looks great as an eyeliner on the bottom lid with something a bit more neutral on top.

Grifter and UZI next. UZI is a glitterbomb, but if you can see round that it's a great colour. Grifter is nice, but not all that wearable for me. It would probably suit someone with less yellow-toned skin.

Twice baked, a warm gold, and half baked, a rich chocolate. No wait, the other way around.

Things are getting a little cramped in here, so the rest is going in a new post

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