Saturday, July 18, 2009

i wish i could say no regrets

Ok, I know I fail at life and I promised to keep this blog updated and everything but... I've been having a pretty mad summer.

Drunken nights
Parties on rooftops
Dancing around the streets
Nights I really don't remember
Nights I wish I didn't remember
Stolen bottles of wine
Pots of tea
Squeezing 4 people into my bed
Waking up with Pearl beside me way to often
Black Books and Father Ted quotes, we're actually pretty pathetic.

Add all this to the fact that my camera is gone AWOL and really, it's not conducive to good blogging!

Follow my Twitter for updates for now and I swear I'll be back. Once I get a working camera again. I might update with some of my Oxegen ramblings inbetween.

I'll leave you with some fairly kick-ass youtube videos to tide you over.

White Lies- Death. Check out the To Lose My Life 4 Play video, it's a mix of a few of their songs with some added bits and it's amazing. Won't let me embed it though,

Example - Me and Mandy. I've liked this song for ages but I forgot about it and just found it again the other day. The video is pretty cool.

Florence and The Machine covering Beyonce's Halo. I know a lot of people don't like this cover and say the song isn't suited to her voice but I like it a lot.

La Roux covering White Lies - Farewell to The Fairground. I'm really undecided about this one, I like La Roux but I'm really not sure that she improves on the original at all. Opinions? It really bugs me that the video is out of sync with the audio.

Now this one is a much better cover/collab/whatever. Give it a go.

And finally

Pendulum remixing/kinda covering Calvin Harris - I'm not Alone. Saw this at Oxegen and it was possibly the best song of the weekend. This video doesn't come close to how amazing it is live, the energy during it was amazing.

-Sorcha x

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