Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Wore this to see The Go! Team last Thursday. The gig was rubbish, not really their fault though, it was doors at 9, the band started at 12 and the sound was awful. We left after 3 songs and went to a silent disco instead, heaps more fun. 

 Cardigan from Penneys - €5
Scarf from Penneys - €5
Minnie Mouse T-Shirt from Penneys - €9
Bag from Kembali - €12 (It's now broken sadly, I have such bad luck with bags)
Topshop Shorts - €30
Black Milk Leggings - €50
Converse - €20

You may notice I've dyed my hair blue. I love it and the colour is lasting really well. Might do a post soon about hair dying, and how to make the colour come out bright and last a long time. 

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